You are looking to buy a house in Wassenaar, The Hague or surrounding areas

Buying a property is not something you do every day. The property market is unpredictable and asking prices are not always in proportion to the market value. That is why it is a good idea to enlist the help of an expert when buying a property. As your buying agent, we represent your interests only.

We are experts at negotiating your best purchase price

When you have found your dream home, the next stage is to negotiate the price and conditions, this can be a very exciting time, full of suspense. The purchasing agents at Paul F. de Haas & Co. know the property market in Wassenaar, and the greater The Hague area like none other and will give you an objective advice regarding the property you want to buy. We are specialised in negotiation and always keep our heads.

We will help you to find your dream home

You have found a property in the Netherlands that you would like to buy, but naturally, you would like to know whether it is also a good investment. We will advise whether a survey is necessary and will give an objective valuation of the house. If you decide to go ahead with the purchase, we will discuss with you what the best strategy is. We will negotiate with the seller’s agent and make sure you achieve the best result.

A signed contract and transfer of the title deeds

When agreement has been reached and the sales contract drawn up, we will go over the contract with you so that you can sign the contract with confidence. The Notary will take care of the transfer of the property, but before that, we will go over the title deeds and the seller’s statement for settlement with you. With Paul F. de Haas & Co. as your purchasing agent, you can be assured that everything related to buying a house has been carefully looked at and checked, so that you can enjoy your new home.

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