We have a clear understanding of the property market

With a history going back to 1918, we can safely say that we have an in-depth knowledge of the property market in the Netherlands and specifically, the greater The Hague area. A dynamic market can also seem non-transparent and unpredictable. We have a clear picture of all the mutations and transactions in the region at any given time, enabling us to make the current market situation clear and transparent for you. Whether you are an individual, company or investor, at Paul F. de Haas & Co. we give you expert advice on the possibilities for buying, selling, letting, renting and development.

Renovating? Financing? Insuring? Ask our advice

Whether you are looking to buy or rent, whether it concerns new-build or not, at real estate agents Paul F. de Haas & Co. you can always count on expert advice. Looking to renovate or build? We will give you an idea of the costs involved and help you to put in place the financing. We will also give you sound advice on how to best insure your property.

Not found your ideal property yet?

We are happy to answer any questions you have regarding a specific property. You haven’t been able to find your dream property yet on our website, Funda or another site? Give us a call or visit our office to discuss your wishes. There are more properties on the market than are visibly listed.

 At Paul F. de Haas & Co. we will help you with your questions regarding, for instance:

  • The sale of a house or apartment
  • Purchasing a property
  • Letting a property
  • Renovating your current or future property
  • Financing of e.g. a new house or a renovation
  • Insuring your property and contents

Need advice?

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