Real Estate Agency Paul F. de Haas & Co. a reliable partner in real estate for over 100 years

The first real estate transaction our office was involved in took place on 15 February 1918, at that date the ownership of Helmstraat 1 in the Hague was transferred to Mr. L.J. Krüger who later gave the ownership deed to Paul F. de Haas as a reminder of that historical moment. Now a century and four generations further Paul F. de Haas & Co is still one of the more recognizable names in both local and nationwide real estate service industry. Robin P.F. de Haas who is now over a decade in charge of the daily activities understands the responsibility and importance of keeping the high standard of service and discretion our office is known for: "It is a great responsibility to continue our 100-year-old family office in the way my great-grandfather, grandfather and father did," says Robin de Haas.

“Our family office has built up an impressive experience over the past 100 years by assisting our clients not only in the selling, buying, renting of real estate but also in valuating and the property managment of real estate in various locations. This gives us an extensive and unique network with satisfied clientele.”

- Robin P.F. de Haas -

Family office with an unrivaled history

'Woningbureaux Paul F. de Haas & Co' was registered on 2 January 1918 in the trade register in The Hague. With 100 years of service in real estate, the office is now one of the oldest real estate agencies in the Netherlands that is still owned by the founders family.

Paul F. de Haas (1885-1959)

Paul F. de Haas, born in 1885, registered 'Woningbureau Paul F. de Haas & Co.” on 2 January 1918 in the trade register. The office was located in the Statenkwartier in The Hague. At that time a chic residential neighborhood under construction with a large influx of new residents from all over the Netherlands and other parts of the world. The housing agency expended along with the developments in the housing market of the 1920s and ‘30s. Paul F. de Haas in those years published his own newspaper with all houses and apartments available on the local market, this newspapers were shipped to the Dutch East Indies in order to inform the returning expats of that time about the available houses in the Hague and surrounding areas.

Ferdinand G.W. de Haas (1911-1968)

Ferdinand G.W. de Haas, born in 1911 and the eldest son of Paul F. de Haas, came to work at the office during the 1930’s in which The Hague and the surrounding municipalities took shape, with the architectural styles recognizable for those years. The newly build apartments and houses of that time were sold by the agency on behalf of contractors and developers. It often occurred that on behalf of the owners the family office became property manager for the finished apartment buildings and houses. This meant renting out and collecting rent was managed by real estate agency Paul F. de Haas & Co. Ferdinand G.W. de Haas was managing director of the office until he died in October 1968.

Paul F.A. de Haas (1945-2016)

Paul F.A. de Haas, born in 1945, started work in January 1968 at the office on Parkstraat 97-99 in The Hague, after working as a broker in Lausanne Switzerland for a year and after that in London UK. When Ferdinand G.W. de Haas died in October of that year, Paul de Haas at an early age became managing director of the family office that carried his name. It was during that period that the already extensive property management portfolio increased substantialy. This portfolio ensured an even stronger position within the housing market in the The Hague region. Paul de Haas became chairman of the division of NVM in The Hague in the 1980s and also held board positions at the FIABCI (International Real Estate Federation) for many years.

Robin P.F. de Haas (1971-)

Robin P.F. de Haas, fourth generation De Haas, started at the family office  in 1993 in The Hague. At the time located at the Tournooiveld. After having worked, in the years between 2002 and 2004 at a real estate agency in the Greater Amsterdam area Gooi- en Vechtstreek and a real estate agency in The Hague, Robin returned to the family office. Like his father Paul, Robin de Haas is a member of the FIABCI. With great passion and dedication he continues the legacy and ideas of his great-grandfather, grandfather and father in a modern way. The estate agency Paul F. de Haas & Co is now located at Molenweg 37 in Wassenaar, where you are welcome to walk in and see how we can assist you with the selling, renting or valuation of your (new) home.

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